Trace the Rainbow through the Rain

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I trace the rainbow through the rain
and know the promise is not vain
that morn shall tearless be.

-Words of a well-known hymn, O Love that Will Not Let Me Go.

Trace the Rainbow through the Rain traces a blind lawyer's encounter with a social worker, who taught him how to cope with his blindness and showed him hope to live on.

Originally written by fellow Social Worker Ron Chandran-Dudley, President of the Disabled People's Association, this play has been adapted by Alvin Tan, Founder and Artistic Director of The Necessary Stage, to locate it in today's context and giving it a contemporary twist.

Casted by Social Work students from the National University of Singapore, this production also showcases the talent that is found in the Social Work circle. A play that is relevant in its settings, one that celebrates the work of a social worker, it is certainly a play not to be missed!

Directed By:

Alvin Tan from The Necessary Stage


shem.jpg photo-111.jpg zy.jpg

Shem as "Mr Rama" Evangeline as "Mrs. Chan" Zhon Yun as voice of "Louise"

norlilah.jpg rebekah.jpg

Lilah as "Zaitun" Rebekah as Telephone Operator 3

Production Manager: Zhon Yun

Assistant Production Manager: Shimin

Lights and Sounds Manager:

xy-pic.jpg mariam.jpg

Xiayan and Mariam

Come and watch this play and support your friends on Social Workers' Day 2008!


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