"Pass It On"!

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What's "Pass It On"? How Do I Play It?
Read on to find out!!


  • Forging the SW Identity amongst the SW majors
  • Outreach to the Student Population
  • Hype-up Spirit towards Social Workers’ Day
Throughout the entire Week! Mon to Fri (7-11 April 08)
How do I Play?
  1. Get an Action Card.
  2. Write your Name, Matric No. and Contact No. (optional) on the Card.
  3. Attempt to carry out the Activity stated on the Action Card.
  4. Upon accomplishing the activity, seek the approval and signature of your targeted participant(s).
  5. Take note of the Serial No. of the Action Card! Write it down somewhere.
  6. Pass it on to another SW Friend and source out for another Action Card! (Repeat Steps 1-6.)
  7. Visit us along AS6 walkway on Friday, 11April to return Action Cards and provide the Serial Nos. of all your accomplished Action Cards!
  1. Each participant cannot repeat the same Action card. Repeating the same activity will be deemed as void.
  2. There are 10 different activities on the Action Cards. Thus, the maximum no. of Action Cards possibly accomplished is 10.
  3. Participants should not be holding on to more than 1 card at any point of time in the game.
Important Notes:
  1. You MUST return all Action Cards to us by Friday, 5pm. All unreturned cards will be deemed void.
  2. Prizes can be redeemed on Tuesday, 15 April, 12-2 pm along AS6 Walkway.
How to get a Card?
Meet us on 7 April, 12-2pm along AS6 Walkway to get a card! Once the game has begun, you may get exchange cards and bug your SW friends to finish up their activity so that you can have their card! J
Why do I have to take note of the Serial No.?
You are required to inform us which cards you have completed on Friday, 11th April. We’ll be located along AS6 walkway. This will facilitate administration and allow us to trace the cards you have done throughout the game.
What do I do once I’ve finished all 10 cards?
Pass the last card to another SW student or return it to us on Friday, 11th April along AS6 Walkway! Note that all cards must be returned by Friday, 5pm.
What if I forgot to hand in the cards by Friday, 5pm?
This will result in the void of the card and the participants listed in the card will not be able to have considered completed that Action Card!
Do I have to leave my contact no. on the Action Card?
This is optional. It will ease administration in contacting you. However, if you are not comfortable in your number being circulated, please refrain from writing it down.
Examples of Activities on the Action Cards:

  1. Introduce Social Work to 2 strangers! You may approach a cross-faculty friend or any Tong, Ding or Hairul you meet! Note: They must not already know what Social Work is about!
  2. Affirm 5 friends! Tell them something you appreciate about them. Be sincere and congruent, says Carl Rogers. Note: They do not have to be Social Work Students.


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