SSWS Captain Ball Showdown!! *BASH*

Posted: Oct 22, 2008 by NUS SSWS in Labels:

Hey all SOCIAL WORK MAJORS and even YEAR 1s out there who are thinking of becoming a social work majors!

Feeling the heat yet? Mid-sem break is over, and before you know it, so will be the exams! So, hang in there, and fight a good fight! But before going into the battlefield, how about a little perk-me-up?

It's CAPTAIN'S BALL time!!

Date: Friday 14 November 2008

Time: 2pm - anytime

Venue: Tennis Court beside the handball courts in SRC

Attire: Sweaty

Use this as a chance to know more people in Social Work, including your seniors, and even social workers in the field!

If you are wondering why we are holding it on a SATURDAY, it's so that alumni members can send their teams too!

So hurry, send in your teams of 4 now!

C'mon! It's just one day out of your reading week! Relax.....

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year 2s: contact

year 3s: contact

year 4s: contact