Self-directed Interest Groups

Posted: Feb 19, 2011 by NUS SSWS in

The Society of Social Work Students (SSWS) is presenting a new initiative called SELF-DIRECTED INTEREST GROUPS for all Social Work majors and friends of Social Work.

What is this initiative all about?
This initiative is a platform for like-minded students who are passionate about a particular area of Social Work practice (e.g. Children and Youth, Elderly issues, Medical Social Work etc.) to meet together and carry out activities (e.g. research, advocacy etc) on their areas of interest, and then share their work with other students through various means (e.g. blogging about their findings from the research, inviting others to join in their activities etc.).

Children and Youth Issues!/home.php?sk=group_101769799902762&ap=1
Forensic Social Work!/home.php?sk=group_146572682068484&ap=1
Elderly issues!/home.php?sk=group_178143812230617&ap=1
LGBT issues!/home.php?sk=group_201889903158463&ap=1
Foreign workers/ Immigrant issues!/home.php?sk=group_188484937848884&ap=1
Medical Social Work!/home.php?sk=group_186946591337140&ap=1
Other issues!/home.php?sk=group_162763477107587&ap=1

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