What being in the EXCO means to me!

Posted: Aug 24, 2013 by NUS SSWS in

I remembered one year ago, I was contemplating about joining the EXCO as I doubted my abilities and was uncertain if I could balance this together with my studies and other commitments. In the end, I decided to go ahead and be part of the EXCO.

So one year has passed, and I am glad I made the decision to join! ( : I learnt that it is not so much about ability, but willingness. I shall sum up my experiences in the EXCO through a 'poem'.

What does the EXCO Makes? 
(Inspired by the poem “What Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali) 

What does the EXCO makes? 
It makes a freshman gains friends that she will not have made through the projects she is involved in. 
It makes a senior recounts her experiences in this profession, thus reigniting her passion. 
It makes a passer-by understands what Social Work is about through an exhibition, clearing up the misconceptions he has. 
It makes a year 2 undergraduate finds comfort in the food that was distributed before examinations began. 

What does the EXCO makes? 
It makes me learn how to work in a team, and teaches me to walk in others’ shoes. 
It makes me experience for myself what it means when people say, “Social Work is like their 2nd family”, and I can confidently say the same. 
It makes me see from the others in the EXCO what genuine love for others is. 
It makes me discover my strengths and provides me the opportunities to use them. 
It makes me certain that joining the EXCO was never a wrong decision. 

So what does the EXCO makes? 
It makes more than what you think. 
It makes a difference to others, and to me.