Helpers Recruitment Drive for our Coming Events!

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The Society of Social Work Students is recruiting helpers! The following events will be taking place in the later part of this semester. We would like to get your greatest support in the following events and you will be rewarded with a wonderful experience.

If interested, please email us your Name and Contact Number to and we will get back to you shortly.


Helpers Recruitment Drive for
Semester 2 (AY2006/2007)



In the daily work of a social worker, language is essential for accurate understanding of one’s clients. This is especially so in multi-cultural Singapore and when working with older adults who speak little English. Language barriers not only hinder understanding but also have the potential to create misunderstanding through lack of communicative effectiveness. Hence, these workshops are designed to give Social Work undergraduates of the National University of Singapore (NUS) a basic grasp of languages such as Chinese, Malay, and Tamil as well as dialects such as Cantonese and Hokkien. Following this, participants would be able to comprehend and converse minimally in the language, thereby helping build some rapport with their clients. This would also serve as a pedestal of interest for them to continue learning and practicing the language in other settings.


7th to 10th May 2007

15th to 18th May (contingency only)

Manpower (Total: 6)

Project Director, Vice Project Director, Treasurer, Publicity, Programmes, Logistics

Positions Available:


Catalogues and directs the use of all equipment in the programme, works with the Treasurer in acquiring needed things, works with the Programme Coordinator in ensuring the schedule runs smoothly with all necessary equipment in their places, and insures all SSWS items are returned after use.

Programme Coordinator

Works with the Project Director and Vice Project Director in contacting the speakers and liaising with them regarding arrangements, booking rooms, and ensuring the programme runs smoothly all in all.



Dates: 11th to 13th May 2007, (3D / 2N)

Venue: PA at Punggol Point (Tentative)


The mission of ABSOLUT camp is to enhance self-awareness for all who participates in it, through the use of activities and facilitation. Legend has it that a particular senior suggested after some brainstorming session that nothing is absolute. The name grew out of this word play, dropping the “e” to symbolise the uncertainty in what you know about yourself. Truly, what you know about yourself, nothing is “absolut”.

Programmers needed (2-3)

-       To give a social work point of view to the programmes on hand. To brainstorm for suitable programmes for the social work student population, in line with the objectives of the camp.

-       Execution of programmes during the camp.

-       Conducting of activities with the facilitators and fine tuning them before the camp.

-       Committed and motivated individuals!

HOW can I benefit from being a PROGRAMMER?

1.      As a programmer, you are given the chance to source for programs which are in line with the principles of Social Work. In so doing, you explore avenues of learning and self-discovery for your future career undertakings.

2.      You are one of the core personnel in structuring and creating a customised camp program for Social Work majors, which both the camp crew and facilitators will use.

3.      You take part in the selection of activities which will ultimately form the essence of the camp – to enable yourself and others to embark on the road to self-discovery and to strive towards understanding of yourself in relation to others.

4.      You are in charge of “training” the camp crew and facilitators to make the program serve its purposes!

5.      Do not worry about being a greenhorn in this aspect – we will have senior programmers to share their learning experiences with you!

Facilitators (12)

-       Facilitate a group of 6 to discover more about themselves

-       Undergo 4 training sessions, 2 before reading week and 2 after exams. The duration of each session will be around 2 hours.

HOW can I benefit from being a FACILITATOR?

1.      You will be responsible for observing group dynamics and your ~6 campers’ individuality, responses to contingencies and actions during the activities.

2.      You will hone your leadership capabilities as you lead your campers during group activities; you encourage open-mindedness in others and yourself when you facilitate discussions and start the sharing sessions.

3.      By guiding the campers to self-discovery, you will enhance your own sense of self-awareness too! Facilitation is both fulfilling for the campers and yourself.




Freshmen Orientation Camp 2007 of Society of Social Work Students is about giving freshmen a headstart on getting to know fellow social work students in the midst of fun and laughter, find out more about academic life in NUS and learning a little about what social workers do. So if you are looking for something fun and exciting in your academic life? Look no further, this is the camp that you are looking for.


18th to 20th July 2007

Positions Available & Job scope (Total: ~30):

Programmers Cell (10 vacancies)

- Planning

- Station masters

- Generic help

Publicity Cell (2 vacancies)

- Posters

- T-shirt designing

- Pamphlets

- Sending out of letters to the freshmen.

Logistics Cell (3 vacancies)

- Catering of Food

- Medic

- During the camp itself, making sure the venues and equipment available.

- Setting up the venues for the programme

- Getting stuff needed

OGLs (12 or more vacancies)

- Facilitate the group in admin and games. To stay with them throughout the camp.



4)  GRADUATION NIGHT 2007 (GradNite07)


Graduation Night is open to all Year 3 and 4 students, regardless of whether they are graduating. We intend to do a survey with the Year 3 and 4s to find out their preferences of location, budget and date of the event.  Details of the event are stated as follows:

Projected Date of Event:

Last week of June as Commencement is on the 1st to 2nd week of July


We are aiming to have the event at a function room where there is space for games and dance.

Positions Available:

Food ICs (2 vacancies)

Job scope:      To source for food caterers for event

                        Work with Logistics if people have an in house caterer

Ticketing/Publicity (2 vacancies)

Job Scope:      In charge of sales of tickets

                        Involved in the publicity stunts of the event

Programme ICs (2 vacancies)

Job Scope:      To coordinate DJ and MC for the event

                        To come up with a theme/programme outline for the event

Logistics (4 vacancies)

Job Scope:      To scout for location for event

                        To get souvenirs/lucky draw prizes for event


Deco/Design (2 vacancies)

Job Scope:      In charge of decoration of location

                        Design of tickets

We look forward to your response and participation in these events.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. Just email your Name and Contact Number to, and we will get back to you shortly.


With warm regards,

Marketing Cell

20th Executive Committee

Society of Social Work Students NUS