ABSOLUT Camp 2007!

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The Absolut team, in collaboration with the Society of Social Work Students (SSWS), is organising an experiential camp to faciliate self awareness. It is deemed as useful for social work students as well as students who are interested in this field, to gain more knowledge of self and others before going into practice. The details are as follow.

ABSOLUT Camp Intro


Join Absolut Camp!
We are happy to invite you to this self-awareness camp!
You can find out registration info and more details @ absolutcamp.blogspot.com


The camp makes use of sharing and other physical activities to bring about an increased understanding of yourself. This purpose is further enhanced with the use of facilitators to lead, explore, and feedback within small groups.

But why is self-awareness important at all? Don't I already know a lot about myself? OR that's what we think we know. Understanding your strengths and limitations helps yourself to identify where you will enjoy contributing something you are good at. You know the Johari Window, where there is half of you (Blind Self + Hidden Self) that you do not have conscious access to. It is important in the profession to be aware of your own values, prejudice, unsettled issues etc to allow an effective counseling session to take place.

Last but not least, it's the holidays. Why not take a chance to have a break, join the camp and get to know more friends!

Absolut Camp 11-13 May (Fri - Sun)
Camp fee $25
Send us an individual email now to take part!
AND drag a friend along to add to the fun!


registration details @ absolutcamp.blogspot.com
Enquiries @ absolutcamp@gmail.com
OR Zhisheng @ 98529470

Sincerely from Koh Zhisheng
Camp Chairperson Absolut Camp 2007