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Dear all,

This blog now serves as an archive for past events in SSWS. We are very thankful to previous batches for their commitment to the society. All news and information will be updated via Facebook and Instagram! Follow us today!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nusssws
Instagram: @nussocialwork

29th SSWS Committee

Kayaking outing on 8th Jan 2014!

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Hello everybody! 

We are going kayaking! 

We will be going down to Kallang Water Venture for a small group leisure kayaking session on the 8th of January in the morning! Timing should around be 10-12 ($15 rental for 2 hours) 

Location and timing to meet will be confirmed at a closer date! 

Let's do something fun together before the new sem starts!

You can sign up at the link below or message Nicholas at 91136598 for any enquires!:) 


What being in the EXCO means to me!

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I remembered one year ago, I was contemplating about joining the EXCO as I doubted my abilities and was uncertain if I could balance this together with my studies and other commitments. In the end, I decided to go ahead and be part of the EXCO.

So one year has passed, and I am glad I made the decision to join! ( : I learnt that it is not so much about ability, but willingness. I shall sum up my experiences in the EXCO through a 'poem'.

What does the EXCO Makes? 
(Inspired by the poem “What Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali) 

What does the EXCO makes? 
It makes a freshman gains friends that she will not have made through the projects she is involved in. 
It makes a senior recounts her experiences in this profession, thus reigniting her passion. 
It makes a passer-by understands what Social Work is about through an exhibition, clearing up the misconceptions he has. 
It makes a year 2 undergraduate finds comfort in the food that was distributed before examinations began. 

What does the EXCO makes? 
It makes me learn how to work in a team, and teaches me to walk in others’ shoes. 
It makes me experience for myself what it means when people say, “Social Work is like their 2nd family”, and I can confidently say the same. 
It makes me see from the others in the EXCO what genuine love for others is. 
It makes me discover my strengths and provides me the opportunities to use them. 
It makes me certain that joining the EXCO was never a wrong decision. 

So what does the EXCO makes? 
It makes more than what you think. 
It makes a difference to others, and to me.  


Journey in the 26th Exco!

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Hello! Now is my turn to share about my experience during my term in the 26th Exco! :D

I am Sheean, the current Vice-President of the 26th Exco! There were two main reasons behind why I had decided to join the exco 1 year back.

1. The love and warmth I received from my seniors, my peers throughout my journey in social work, especially so during 2012 Freshmen Orientation Camp! The bonds that we formed with one another, the rapport we had while planning and playing during camp. It was then I thought I would want to give back to this society which had brought so much joy to my uni life, and I hope that I could contribute, with my tiny efforts, to also make the rest of the majors feel the same.

Indeed, during my term in the exco, it did provide me with so many opportunities to know other social work majors (and potential social work majors too!). I got to work with some of them, I got to listen to their stories, I got to learn so many things from those social majors I meet. These people, of course, includes my 10 other teammates in the 26th Exco.

2. I decided to join the Exco as I also thought it would be an opportunity for me to achieve personal growth (not physically :P). I thought university life should not only revolve around academic achievements, but also personal development. I would want to challenge myself to step out from my comfort zones and to gain greater awareness of myself.

Indeed, during my term in exco, I have gained sooooo much. There were times which I questioned my own competency in leading the exco as a Vice-President. However, I was constantly being supported by my teammates who were always there to give their honest feedbacks, to give their warm encouragement and honestly, I had gained so much from working with each and single one of them and they are all leaders in my eyes.  

By the time u have read till HERE, it means that there are only 2 more paragraphs to go. :P
To all the majors who are deciding whether a not to join the exco, I can understand that it is definitely not an easy decision to make. Am I able to commit and cope? What ifs…? Please do talk to us if you need! The purpose of us sharing our reflections is to hope that you can have greater insights of our wonderful experiences in the Exco!

In closing, I would like to say that I liked how the Social Work Exco has high amount of autonomy towards the directions of the society, It is up to you all out there, potential candidates of the 27th Exco to decide, what do you want to do to make a difference! We are all here to support you guys! :D


Sharing about how being in EXCO was like for me :)

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Hey guys!

As cliche the saying may go, a picture speaks a thousand words! :P


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Hello everyone! Based on some feedback, some of you expressed interest in knowing more about the experience of the EXCO members and what is the commitment like. We will be sharing some of our experience in this blog and we hope that by reading our sharing, you will be able to get a better insight to joining the Executive Committee J

Serving two terms of the Executive Committee has made my first two years of university a fulfilling and enjoyable one. When I was in Year 1, I decided to join the 25th Executive Committee as I felt that being a leader in a society was something very new to me. Furthermore, as a freshmen camper in the Social Work Freshmen Orientation Camp, I got to receive a lot of love from the seniors. It was after the camp that I was sure that Social Work was the place for me and I wanted to serve these people who gave their hearts out to the people in need. Being in the 25th Executive Committee was a great experience as not only did I learn to work with different people, but also got to know of a group of wonderful friends. After my term as the Secretary in the 25th, I decided to continue on in the 26th Executive Committee, hoping to learn how to work with different kind of people and know myself better as a leader. Initially I hesitated a lot to join because I was afraid to take on the role of the President as I felt that I might not have the ability to do it. However with the encouragement of my fellow social work mates, I decided to take a leap of faith to take on the role. In this one year, I have learnt so much and gained so much experience in becoming a leader and member of the 26th Executive Committee. Of course, there were some struggles during the term but looking back, I never once regretted joining and taking on the role. Without the 25th and 26th Executive Committee, I will not have made it this far and grown so much in terms of self.  It has really been a good 2 years J

For those of you who are still hesitating to join because you are afraid that you do not have the ability, I encourage you to take a leap of faith! No one is perfect, and we all start somewhere! I believe that joining the exco will be a good learning journey for you (:

Clarice Lee

Nomination and Election Procedures

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General Information

What is the Society of Social Work Student (SSWS) Executive Committee?

SSWS aims to raise awareness of the social work profession, to strengthen the bonds and enhance the welfare of social work students in NUS. The SSWS Executive Committee (Exco) plays the role in planning the activities for the benefit of all social work majors.

The Executive Committee is elected annually and plays the role in planning the activities for the members of SSWS. Members of the SSWS comprises of all social work majors.
Nomination Procedures

What am I supposed to do?

Members interested in the running for the Executive Committee are to fill up the nomination form via the link below:

Where can I find more about SSWS and the activities?

There are 4 ways which you can find out more information about SSWS:

1. Our SSWS’s blog:  www.ssws-nus.blogspot.sg
2. Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ssws.nus
3. Email us: ssws.nus@gmail.com
4. Approach any of the seniors directly! :D

Election Procedures

The election of candidates into the Executive Committee will take place during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The respective positions will be decided among the newly elected Executive Committee on a later date. This process will be conducted and facilitated by the previous Executive Committee.

Who is eligible to vote on the Election Day?

To be eligible to vote for a candidate into the Executive Committee, one must fulfill all of the following requirements:
  • He/She must be a Social Work declared major
  • He/She must be present during the AGM  

If I am running for a position in the SSWS Executive Committee, what will I do on Election Day?

Candidates running for the Executive Committee will have 10-15 minutes to present their speech, which may include the reasons for joining the Executive Committee, personal strengths which could add value to SSWS and etc.

After all the candidates presented their speech, eligible members present will cast their votes to elect their desired candidate(s) into the next Executive Committee.

If I am running for a position in the SSWS Executive Committee, must I attend the election on the Election Day?
Yes, all candidates have to be present on the Election Day, which is held on the AGM.